Everyone is born with natural abilities.

Natural abilities are not influenced by education or experience, they are just there to be harnessed and developed. By the age of 14 your natural abilities have matured enough to be defined and measured.

And the best way to measure them is with The Highlands Ability Battery.

This is not like any other test you’ve ever taken.

It isn’t a “self report” test, where misconceptions or wishful thinking can get in the way of the truth.

In each exercise, you use your computer keyboard to solve a puzzle that tells us something about you.

There are no grades and no good or bad results. Each exercise measures a particular aptitude – how well you can distinguish one musical note from another, for example, can tell you something about how you best interact with people.

Whether you prefer concrete tasks to abstract problems can determine your most promising work environment.

You will find most of the exercises to be challenging and interesting. And – once they’re explained – you’ll be amazed at how much they reveal about you.

After you complete the Battery, you will receive a 33-page report describing your results. This report will help you find the answers to many vital questions:

How do I learn best? What is the best study environment for me? How do I communicate best with my fellow students? How do I solve problems and make decisions most easily? How shall I plan my classroom, study and homework schedules?

After you have received your report, you go over the results in detail with Dr. Tom Tavantzis. In a two-hour feedback session, you and Dr. Tavantzis will discuss your abilities as they relate to your school career and the courses for which your profile ideally suits you. This process is the foundation for developing a long-term career strategy.

No matter who you are or what stage of your education you are in, you can count on your ability profile to be a practical, objective way to provide you with direction and focus. You will gain the knowledge that allows you to make practical decisions about educational choices and career options.

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